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Queen Street Nursery

Ofsted Rated: Good

Situated in the old school on Queen Street in Normanton, we have renovated and converted the whole building specifically with childcare and nursery needs in mind.

Large rooms set out to give the children plenty of room to explore the activity stations we have set up each day, each inspired by our favourite places in nature to watch our own children thrive.

We have our own cook, who creates healthy home made meals and snacks every single day for our children, and we have full CCTV.

Our rooms are split into three rooms, designed to meet the specific needs that come at each developmental stage of your child’s early years.

Baby Room

Our baby room is specifically for children under the age of two. We maintain a staff ratio of 1 member of staff to 3 children. Our baby room staff are all experienced and qualified in the care of children under 2, and we work closely with out families to make sure the children are thriving and comfortable in a calm and homely environment, while still being given opportunity every day to explore, play and get messy.

Play Room

As children grow in confidence, both emotionally and physically, they transition into our play room. Here we maintain a staff ratio of 1 member of staff to 4 children. With daily activity stations set up for children to explore, in our playroom children will develop social skills and build friendships, as well as work on skills such as using tools, and safely moving around in different ways, and will even start to build number and literacy skills. Our Childcare Practitioners will work with you and your children to make all of our activities child led, and incorporate your child’s interest wherever possible.

Preschool Room

Around the age of 3, children will transition across into our Preschool room. Here we are focusing on building skills ready for moving into school. As well as activities involving learning skills (such as letters and numbers) we ensure that all of our activities are still fun, and child led. It is our joy in the preschool room to watch social skills and friendship grow. We are learning, but we are learning through play.

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