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Whitwood Day Nursery

Ofsted Rated: Good

Hillside Day Nursery in Castleford is situated in an old rectory, which has been converted into a beautiful nursery setting where your child can grow and thrive. The outdoor areas are amazing and our children love to take nature walks in our woodland area and spot the rabbits and squirrels that live in the grounds.

Our rooms are large and airy, but set out in a way to ensure our children and babies feel safe, warm and secure. We have three nursery rooms, a baby room, and play room on the ground floor and a preschool room on the first floor.

We are registered by Ofsted to care for 65 children and every child in our care matters.

Baby Room

Our Baby Room is registered for 12 babies. We work on a ratio of one member of staff to 3 babies, all staff in our baby room are qualified and experienced and they have also undertaken extra training specific to caring for under 2’s. Our baby room team work with our babies and their families, to ensure that their day is full of fun and is as homely as possible. We will spend time getting to know you to ensure that the transition from home to nursery is as smooth as possible.

The routine in our baby room is led by the babies themselves and by carrying out on going organic observations, and building strong relationships with the babies, the team ensure that all our babies needs are met.

There are 3 key areas of development that we focus on with our babies and these are their social and emotional development, their communication and language skills and their physical development.

Your little one will stay with us in our baby room until they are both physically and emotionally ready to make their transition through to Play room. This is usually around the age of 20 months.

Play Room

Our Play Room is light and airy and a beautiful space to play and learn. There are up to 20 children in here and we work on a ratio of 1 member of staff to 4 children.

Our Play Room team are dedicated and committed to the children in their care. The age range is from around 18-20 months to up to 3 years, and there is one early years practitioner to every 3-4 children. We do not move children through the nursery rooms based on their birthdays, children make their transitions when they and their families are ready both physically and emotionally.

The room is very much child led and our practitioners follow the children’s own interests, as their organic observations on the children inform their planning of activities.

Children enjoy lots of singing, stories, creative work and exploring the nursery outdoors. They start to make real friendships and are taught all about the importance of caring for each other and sharing and taking turns.

We give lots of praise to our little ones and congratulate them on learning new things, all their achievements are celebrated at nursery to ensure they have a sense of belonging and that they enjoy their time with us.

Preschool Room

When children are ready, they will transition across into our Preschool room. Here we are focusing on building skills ready for moving into school. As well as activities involving learning skills (such as letters and numbers) we ensure that all of our activities are still fun, and child led. It is our joy in the preschool room to watch social skills and friendship grow. We are learning, but we are learning through play!

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